Toothbrushes, in some form, have been used worldwide for thousands of years. Our concept of a toothbrush today is definitely very different to those of yesteryear; the first toothbrush ever recorded ' a twig with a frayed end ' was as far back as 3000 BC and was known as a chewstick. Needless to say, the toothbrush has come a long way from its humble beginnings but the importance of its use ' maintaining good oral health ' has remained the same.

Your smile is the first thing that anyone will notice when you walk into a room ' a dazzling smile create a dazzling first impression and for this reason it is important to maintain that dazzle. It is assumed and expected of every person in these modern times to brush their teeth twice daily with a toothbrush and toothpaste to keep their mouth healthy. Advances in our knowledge and understanding of oral health compared to that of thousands of years ago mean that we have the opportunity to maintain a healthy glowing smile and this is something in which we should all take pride.

The modern toothbrush

Today the manual toothbrush has become quite a complex creation. Toothbrushes on the market today have all sorts of special features to fulfil your brushing needs, whether it be whitening, gentle massage, an intense deep clean; or a toothbrush that is gentle on your sensitive gums, there will be a toothbrush to suit you.

Nevertheless, in the ever-advancing world in which we live the manual toothbrush is fast becoming less adequate as electric toothbrushes start to lead the way in achieving the most thorough, effective clean. Whilst there is no doubt that the manual toothbrush does an excellent job of maintaining good oral health, the electric toothbrush is constantly breaking the boundaries of oral health and now is the time to seriously consider moving with the times.

The benefits of an electric toothbrush

The proven benefits of the electric toothbrush include: a deeper, more penetrating clean as the vibrating mechanism enables you to clean even underneath the gum line where plaque and bacteria can cause serious damage to your oral health; a visibly whiter, cleaner looking smile and a much fresher breath as less bacteria is left behind after brushing; less elbow grease is required from you as the vibrating brush head does all the hard work for you; and finally there is less chance of damaging delicate gum tissue as the user will generally not feel the need to apply as much force when brushing with an electric toothbrush.

So whilst there is absolutely nothing inadequate about the manual toothbrush ' these have been keeping mouths healthy for years and are still advancing in terms of what they can do for your oral health ' it is worth considering what an electric toothbrush could do to even further improve your oral health. This site provides you with all the information you could possibly need about the electric toothbrush ' how it works, how to use it properly, what it can do for your oral health, what it can do for your child’s oral health, and the variety of products on the market today with information about brands and specific products.

If you are interested in pushing the boundaries of your oral health and are considering an electric toothbrush for yourself and indeed for the whole family then this site is definitely for you.